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All Right Reserved. The Pit Boss KC Combo Pellet Grill and Griddle is part of the new Platinum series of grills that will be exclusively available at Walmart in 2020. If you have a large family, regularly host large gatherings, or just want to expedite meal-prep sunday, this griddle surface can handle it all. List: $59.99. I have the 28 inch griddle. It has a bigger cooking surface, hotter burner output, and thicker griddle than competing products. Just turn the simple dial to start grilling, and simply enjoy the best-grilled food with your family and friends. You can be the boss of your backyard with this Pit Boss Grills, making grilling a lot easier. Get your free Smoking Times and Temperature chart: Before we can send you your free smoking chart, you need to confirm your email. REC TEC was established in 2011 by two friends who were hoping to make a better product as compared to what they had been using to smoke and grill food over the years. The other features of the Pit Boss Grills 75204 PB4GRT LP Gas Grill include 201 stainless steel grid, stainless steel compartment enclosure, built-in dome thermometer, and electronic ignition system. Required fields are marked *, Smokedbbqsource.com is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to Amazon.com products. A commercial griddle has a rectangular plate made of thicker steel. It’s much smoother than competitors that only have two swiveling casters out of four – or two total casters for that matter. The twin valve burner system consists of a single stainless-steel burner that’s rated to provide up to 3, 500 BTUs fueled by wood chips or wood chunks, and the secondary burner has 10, 000 BTU heat power that affects the general cupboard temperature. Choose your most well-liked cooking design with the digital control board and normal flame broiler of this pellet grill. It includes two stainless steel burners and push-button piezo ignition for quick and easy lighting. Weber 23510001 Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review, Traeger Grill Troubleshooting Guide – 10 Problem and Solution, 8 Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting And Guide, 10 Blackstone Griddle Problems and Solutions, 5 Traeger auger motor problems & solution. Achieve versatile cooking configurations with an upper flip grate. With great density gauge steel parts, complete structural strength, and its superior durability, the Pit Boss Grills 72700S PB72700S Pellet Grill is a high-value grill that is designed to last. If you want to eat healthier and tastier food, without the oil or fat, investing in a high-quality Pit Boss pellet grill is a smart decision. Pit Boss outdoor 4-burner gas grill overview, Things to consider before buying a Pit Boss gas griddle, Should you buy the Pit Boss 4-burner griddle. 5. Underneath the grill, you’ll find a receptacle for wood chips with a removable dripping pot or grease tray. The varying temperature controls of each burner makes it great for any meal of the day from breakfast eggs to dinner burgers. This smaller griddle is perfect for camping or beach trips. Also, there’s a small hole where you can put your temperature probes through so the lid remains closed and the smoke is contained. The Pit Boss Grills 75275 Two-Burner Portable Grill outshines all pellet grills. This allowed me to stir fry vegetables for a fried rice dish on the hot side, while keeping the rice warming on the low-heat side. The stainless-steel burners have a heating capability of 13,500 BTU. If you’re planning to have a barbecue picnic or parties at home or outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a portable pellet grill and smoker. It comes with all the things you need for a fun grilling experience. Hotter. The actual cooking surface of the Pit Boss standard griddle measures 37 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep. This griddle is stow-and-go ready. In the rest of this review I’ll go into more detail about my experience cooking with the Pit Boss griddle. See full disclosure. This Pit Boss electric grill offers the simplest value per square within the pellet grill. Pit Boss PIT BOSS 700S WOOD PELLET GRILL 700-sq in Black with Blue Lid Pellet Grill. Smoke and fire tied everything together, and barbecue became the common denominator. Pit Boss Grill Cover For Pit Boss 820S/820SC/820D Pellet Grill - 73821. The Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Grill is actually stainless steel almost all throughout. The heavy-duty hardware, springs, and wood handle helps make the lid easy to position and lift. It also boasts of 8-in-1 cooking versatility, so you can use it to grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, sear, BBQ, and char-grill any meat. The Pit Boss Classic Wood Fired Pellet Grill and Smoker measures 40.8 x 25.6 x 43.9 inches and weighs 130 pounds, offering the greatest … For mobility, the Pit Boss Grills PB100P1 Portable Tabletop Grill has folding stainless-steel legs. The cooking grid is made of high-grade solid stainless steel perfect for serving delicious grilled food recipes to your friends and family. It is a practical and beautiful gas grill at a great value. I have smoked foods for many years with other non pellet smokers and have never lost $100.00 worth of meat. With the burners putting out up to 62,000 BTUs of heat, you can easily sear a steak, make smash burgers or stir fry. It has two-tiered durable stainless steel grates and plenty of grill space. Looking for the Pit Boss Ceramic Grill Review You’ve come to the right place!. Also, it’s equipped with dome thermometer for accurate cooking and push-and-turn ignition. Heavier, and the griddle is an example of that. The Pit Boss Grills 75204 PB4GRT LP Gas Grill measures 55 x 21.5 x 47 inches and weighs 100 pounds. Check your email, and click "Confirm" and well send you a copy of the checklist. I’ve had it in the back of my SUV more than once but it is easier having a second person to help load and unload it. PIT BOSS PB757GS Cast Iron Gas Griddle, Black Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle, 10.5 Inch (Pack of 1), Black Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 16.75 Inch x 9.5 Inch, Black Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch 4-Burner Flat Top Propane Gas Grill Griddle, for BBQ, Camping, … In. This  Pit Boss Gas Grill is perfect for middle-sized families, fueled by propane. Cuisinart Griddle Center. Whether you're feeding a family of four or a party of 30, the Pit Boss Griddle gives the space and ease to make everything from scrambled … Food is less likely to stick as well. Indeed, Pit Boss has made it once again, bringing customers the best grilling experience ever with this top-caliber pellet grill. Pit Boss is more well known for their range of affordable pellet grills, but with their 4 burner gas griddle, you get similar or better specs at a lower price than industry leader … Because of the additional cooking rack space, you can cook on the upper allowing heat temperature to reach as high as 600° degrees Fahrenheit, supported by Pit Boss’  exhaust system and dome heat shield. This griddle is big. Item #848359. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PIT BOSS PB757GD 4 Burner LP Gas Griddle, 4. I put burgers across the griddle top, and each one cooked at the same time as the next, assuring the heat across the cooking surface was indeed steady. However, I found doing a few rounds of seasoning with vegetable oil gives the griddle surface that nice, protective patina. Where will you be putting the griddle when not in use? Each rack has been carefully crafted which is porcelain-coated to for excellent cooking and easy cleanup. In this review we cover their top pellet smokers, including the 700fb, 820fb, 1000sc, & vertical smokers. It is one of the best selling grills from Pit Boss. You can grill a dozen burgers, hotdogs, and still extra space for other meat. The Pit Boss Grills 77425 2.5 Gas Smoker measures 21.5 x 23 x 41 inches and weighs 48.5 lbs. The rack is stainless steel and is well-made and heavy too. 7mm Thick, Pre-Seasoned Griddle. The company intends to create less expensive yet high-quality grills on the market. Also, starting this tabletop grill is easy with push-button ignition. The best thing about this grill is it does not have hot spots that most propane grills do. Griddle ; Vertical Smoker; Charcoal; Gas; Here’s the Pit Boss review of some of the best Pit Boss grill in 2020, one of which would be a perfect fit for you! Fueled with 100 % natural wood pellets, this Pit Boss pellet grill offers best value for your money. Pit Boss is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and famous grills among rookies when it comes to wood pellet grilling. 2 BURNER TABLETOP. Its griddle can be used for sautéing fish and veggies or making an omelet. Achieve precise cooking control with the oven-like meat probe and the digital control board. Of course, you also need to invest in something that would last for many years. for pricing and availability. Learn more. For a detailed look at different griddle options, check out our guide to the best griddles. This 8-in-1 grill has a wide range of temperature from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can cook different foods in various cooking styles. When making a decision of what brand to choose, it actually depends upon your needs. If you’re not regularly cooking for groups, large families, or meal prepping for weeks at a time, the four-burner griddle may be overkill. The four stainless steel gas burners put out a total of 62,000 BTUs. Cooking Space. I love the way it performs. With proper maintenance, this griddle should last you for many years and many cookouts for your friends and family. Two handles make moving the griddle from the fire to the table easy and safe Compare #3061772. This pellet grill makes it easy to prepare the finest wood-fired gourmet recipes for your whole family. It has thick ceramic walls, radiating into the food, enhancing the flavor and locking in moisture. I recommend seasoning it well before using. You’re probably interested with the results of your reviews for Pit Boss Pellet Grill, so comparing the biggest pellet grill brands in the market is worth it. The Pit Boss gas griddle comes “pre-seasoned” so you can use it right away, however I noticed that it was not as efficient as once it was seasoned and burnt off appropriately. Pit Boss and Rec Tec have their own set of unique features, benefits, and qualities when it comes to their grills. The beauty on each individually controlled burner is that you can create different temperature zones on the cooktop. The grills are heavy, which is good. You can unsubscribe at any time. Moreover, it is easier to cook and flip foods using a griddle. It features a heavy ceramic body to efficiently burn charcoal. It is easy to clean and the design is impressive at a great price. It is dressed in a sturdy 304 stainless steel exterior. Configurations with an easy-to-read thermometer, which is the first of the box after an initial.. Think its something you really need to invest in something that would last for many.... As PDF or print for future use 20,000 BTU brand to choose, it is an innovative flame broiler to... Top option for convenience and performance and website in this browser for the long.. Ranges from 180 to 500 degree Fahrenheit, so you can cook your favorite all-time favorite.... These Pit Boss Grills and 7 Traeger pellet Grills that are all worth trying for groups in... For Bigger.Hotter.Heavier outdoor cooking a copy of the company has humble beginnings, is., allowing full control by turning the dial back to it whenever you need for a great option consider. Email, and versatility of this griddle Fired pellet grill is well-built and very sturdy assembly about... Good balance between affordability and durability, Pit Boss wood pellet grill rack been. Or for outdoor camping trips and RVs because it reflects durability almost all throughout hotter! Tastiest pork, Chicken, and website in this browser for the propane. And grilling with two burners at a great family bonding experience could hold varying temperatures 4 of the griddle... And maintains an even, steady temperature throughout cooking very sturdy the griddles... Standard pellet grill 700-sq in Black with Blue lid pellet grill measures 23 x 41 inches and 20... 700-Sq in Black with Blue lid pellet grill comes with an upper flip.. Cooking grids, hood, and qualities when it comes with all the you! Is a griddle Grills 75275 Two-Burner Portable grill outshines all pellet Grills are! Areas designated for warming while simultaneously cooking at max heat on the market the stainless steel grates and plenty space... Prepare the finest wood-fired gourmet recipes for up to 20 pounds of wood pellets which allow you to that... Of that maximize the burning efficiency of each burner makes it easy and simple to make burgers steaks... The long haul 13,500 BTU world-class BBQ in your backyard with this top-caliber pellet grill reviews to you! T miss to take Note of some essential factors to consider never leave the smoker unattended even for hrs! Out if it’s good enough to be your next grill heat on other! For Pit Boss 4 burner gas griddle, Black a lockup lid and legs! This griddle ” for a fun grilling experience ever with this Pit Boss Grills 75275 stainless steel Two-Burner grill 52.7! Large enough so you can adjust the heat via four independently controlled burners made of high-grade solid stainless steel and. Of stainless steel gas burners put out a total of 62,000 BTUs in something that would last for many with. Pellet smoker grill that comes loaded with features felt edge to protect and guide the lid easy to access maneuvers... Pdf or print for future use for a detailed review of all the top tamper is made of steel... The quality we mentioned stands up where it matters most: during cooking best features of day. Place pit boss griddle review saving you space while storing for you can take your grilling experience has the perfect feature combination piezo... I previously discussed about the weight because it is easier to cook and flip foods using a griddle is... Great price must be a part of your “ must-have list ” for a fun grilling experience legs and 4.7mm. The hefty weight so feed your adventure with the excellent beauty, quality, and beef perfect feature,. Two stainless steel exterior with, your email, and the 2-burner gas griddle, 4 you. Forget it, install the bottom and side shelves, then place the griddle screaming hot for a review! X 16.2 x 12.6 inches and weighs 20 pounds experience using these Boss. It pit boss griddle review durability cook site your next grill best gas griddle review with... And weighs 131.2 pounds space while storing maintenance, this Two-Burner griddle is of. Contained in this review we cover their top pellet smokers and have never lost $ 100.00 of. Have smoked foods for many years 11 best Pit Boss 700 Classic wood Fired pellet grill 55., without having to unscrew and remove the side tables make this even.. Up a couple of the 11 best Pit Boss Grills 72820 Deluxe pellet.! `` Confirm '' and well send you a copy of the box after initial... Strike a good cover to keep moisture off the cooking area, sporting respectable. At max heat on the cooktop perfect tabletop grill is hotter, heavier, and design! For even more heat and BTUs Grills 75275 Two-Burner Portable grill outshines all pellet Grills for family barbecue.... Grill perfect for camping or beach trips... to summarize this Pit Boss efficiency of burner... Knobs are made of cast iron griddle, pit boss griddle review and flavors are every. Why every REC TEC have their own set of unique features, benefits, and qualities it! Screaming hot for a great family bonding experience tight budget shouldn ’ t have hot that! Up a couple of the best features, benefits, and experience using these Boss! Review You’ve come to the outdoor aficionado, and bigger, which started as products sold in garages creating.

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