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Monday 30 November 2020. Sexism has naturally had a part to play in the script of Nicole’s life. That’s a place in which I feel confident and I feel good when I'm able to do it.” But just like for any mother, lockdown has presented its challenges for her. “I've had to learn how to shield,” she responds. I'm definitely going to have days where I look online and someone goes, ‘Oh, she sounds rubbish.’ And I'm going to be like, ‘Oh yeah, I did.’ But I think that just knowing that you are through that situation is what makes it easier to read. Googling about anxiety helped a lot and listening to other people’s stories. Now I am in a position to go, ‘I'm going to be really authentic and do a story about a boy who's gay and his parents don't believe that it's genetic, like with Boy Erased, and maybe I don't reach a massive audience, but hopefully they reach some people.’. She also confessed that her best pal – and songwriting partner – Ed Sheeran had gifted her “the biggest dildo you could buy in shops”. This documentary basically started a new journey off because in life, you feel like you're getting closer and closer to being happy all the time. “With everything that is happening in the world at the moment – especially now – you think, ‘I’m not going to worry about my little thing.’ But you need to. Now I can actually walk into rooms first, before anyone else, which is great and I can answer the phone, which I never used to be able to do,” she says before conceding it still is, and always will be, an ongoing struggle. Magazine – November 2020 – Bella Burke. For me, Anne-Marie is a symbol of positivity: proof that you can, and will, get through your current situation. Covers featuring individual members of the South Korean pop group BTS -- J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Suga, and V -- are exclusive to the Wall Street Journal shop. Magazine – July 2020 – Pure Rebel. It’s 2.32am on a Monday morning and unsurprisingly, I am half-asleep when the phone rings. £4.89. I had to learn that you have what you have. 0 bids. “I’m so lucky that I’m able to write my thoughts in songs. It is a very soothing, comforting place for me to go, and he's a very strong, warm, kind man. But it saved me, as well, which is a beautiful thing to have.”. “It was pretty daunting doing that Fosse number, but it was also so fun to be doing it!”. I want a big bum!’ At that point I realised when I’m skinny, I’m not healthy and when I’ve got too much weight on my body, I have no energy. Shot on location at www.girlfriendlondon.co.uk. I think without that I would have been a recluse. Josh Smith. “What's interesting about The Undoing is this enormous discovery of, 'is the relationship I'm in really the relationship I want to be in?' “Congrats, you have got all the skills on show,” I joke. I had to go head-on with my problems, and it was horrible, but I am so glad that it happened. That's a lot to do with therapy as well. Magazine – November 2020 – Nastya Firebird. £3.00 postage. Glamour … But today, sitting in a very pink south London café – which aptly complements her new pink bob and exclusively pink wardrobe (part of the campaign for her yet-to-be-named second album) – Anne-Marie has enough distance from those experiences to be able to open up completely about them. November 2020. “Writing it down really helped,” she says. The setting for The Undoing, in the high-flying world of New York's elite is far from Nicole’s origins in Sydney. For all the awards and blockbusters, it hasn’t always been glittering success. All of it touched a nerve. While Nicole relished the chance to have “fun wearing sequins”, nerves crept in about returning to her Moulin Rouge! “DEC2020/ JAN 2021 Glamour Cover girl. Meet two amazing charities here to support young grieving families. Then being able to put them away and going to live your real life is the sort of the quandary. I just need my body to be where it’s supposed to be. Tuesday 10 November 2020. £2.48 postage. And this is a lonely world, right?” Nicole turns the questions onto me, before continuing: “That's sort of an extraordinary thing to have found, particularly later in my life. I'd spend time with her, and she'd just be so relaxed when she's speaking to strangers. Aug 19, 2020 - Vintage Glamour magazine covers from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. I feel like my 20s were a lot of learning and dealing with stuff that I should have dealt with earlier in my life.” Preparing to slip back into popstar mode to pull some poses for her GLAMOUR cover shoot, Anne-Marie leans in to me and says, “I really needed that chat today.” And as she skips off to slip out of her tie-dye Prada shirt and into a full Diorlook, I can’t help thinking that she is just the kind of role model we need right now. Jazz is an incredible human and she has all of these amazing characteristics about her that I've always thought, ‘I really want that.’ She seems to just be really good at dealing with things and having the right thing to say all the time. in Celebrity Red Carpet. This documentary made me sit and think about it. I wish I would have talked about it sooner rather than let it get to a really extreme place,” she admits, her eyes filling with tears. Download Free Glamour Russia – November 2020 PDF Magazine “I will love you. Magazine – September 2020 – Hannah Kelsey. MELISSA GORGA at Sports Illustrated Super Bowl … Anne-Marie’s new single Birthday is out now and her second album is coming soon, 'It’s a bad deal with loads of hidden costs'. Ending Sunday at 5:09PM BST 1d 17h. November 2020. Click & Collect. It is definitely a strange thing because it's addictive. “If I look back at the last seven to 10 years of my life, I can’t remember them, that time in my life is gone,” she admits while looking down at her nails that are so heavily bejewelled, just lifting her hand could be deemed a workout. in Celebrity Style. It’s at times an emotional watch but ultimately an uplifting one. The condition no one is talking about, but that is taking a huge toll on our body confidence, As the Covid vaccine is finally rolled out, Gen-Z and Millennials' employment prospects, mental health and social lives are being sacrificed for the over 50s, Why we really need to talk about young people and grief, As ‘Emily In Paris’ season 2 is announced, Lily Collins reflects on how the Netflix hit has changed her life, From queer history lessons to smashing disability stigma, these are the 10 people using TikTok to fight for change, 'People are abused every day because their fight isn't visible': This inspiring campaign is raising awareness of invisible illnesses, Cardi B has come under fire for dressing as a Hindu goddess to promote her new trainer collection, How to naturally boost your serotonin levels to help fight the winter blues, I bought my shared-ownership flat when I was 26 and now believe it's a total scam, After fleeing an abusive relationship, my baby daughter and I ended up homeless. your own Pins on Pinterest .. Glamour Magazine. “For a parent to say to a child, ‘You're loved. I had to learn that you have what you have. I’ve watched Anne-Marie on stage belt out her hits, 2002, Ciao Adios and FRIENDS zipping around stage with the energy of a Duracell bunny. You May Also Like. I’m so lucky that I’m able to write my thoughts in songs. My bones are the size they are, and I can only change the outside layer so much – this is how my body shape is meant to be and I am OK with that.". "I realised when I’m skinny, I’m not healthy and when I’ve got too much weight on my body, I have no energy. By There’s a reason why Anne-Marie was recently named in PRs for Music’s prestigious 100 Most Influential Songwriters list, having penned deeply personal songs about everything from f*ck boys on her banger Ciao Adios to her physical ‘imperfections’ on Perfect To Me. “In my worst moments, I’d think, ‘Well, how am I even going to go on stage? “For me, it went from being, ‘Oh, I want to be thin, I want to be slim,’ to ‘I want to be thick. March 2020. The fact that everything that you know now and core things like your morals are from your childhood is blown over. That was good work.’”. October 2020. See more ideas about glamour magazine cover, glamour magazine, glamour. Was: £20.95. Finishing the year strong and beginning a new one even better.” she captioned the post. Here, the popstar opens up to GLAMOUR’s Josh Smith for our Mental Health Issue about how her negative thoughts almost prevented her meteoric rise, and she shows how, even in the darkest of times, we can – and will – get through it…, Photographs by Aitken Jolly, Photography Assistant Ezra Jolly, Styling by Phoebe-Lettice Thompson, Makeup by Kim Roy, Hair by David Wadlow. 'The Happiest Season' star opens up with co-star, Mackenzie Davis. For someone who was integral to the#MeToo and #TimesUp movements, encouraging Hollywood to wear black to the Golden Globes in 2018 in a protest against its inequalities and abuses, I wonder: from that moment when she zipped up that black Givenchy dress, how far do she think we have come? I felt like my whole life I've been on the surface of life, finding stuff out about myself and not properly dealing with it. Nov 27, 2020 - Explore Mena Haas's board "EDITORIAL" on Pinterest. HUZZAH! It’s got more twists and turns than the big dipper and to say it's anxiety-inducing is an understatement as so many personal traumas come to the fore. “Honestly, I feel like I’ve not [fully] got myself out of it yet. She was warm, energetic and refreshingly confident and didn’t seem to me to have anything on her mind except chart domination. Going to therapy was Anne-Marie’s first step to managing her mental health, alongside, surprisingly, a good Google search. GLAMOUR South Africa is your go-to site for the latest on your favourite celebs, fashion trends and relationship advice. Josh Smith. Now, step out of the ring, go walk down the street and don't hit anybody.’ That's your discipline. I didn't want to live my life not being able to walk to the shops. Our cover star, actress, human rights activist and television personality Nomzamo Mbatha, has a leading role in Coming to America 2. Now as she releases her YouTube documentary, How To Be Anne-Marie, the singer has finally managed to crack how to be truly herself by discussing childhood bullying openly for the first time and facing the demons she has long buried. I grew up with one of the gentlest, kindest fathers who was a giver and my mother was a nurse, so my family had that social conscience. It’s not every day your very early alarm clock is an interview with an Oscar-winning actress whose career has spanned three entire decades, (basically my whole life) after breaking through in the 1980s at 22-years-old with the TV show Bangkok Hilton and the movie Dead Calm. Everyone who works with me closely is a woman - I didn't even realize - but I must have subconsciously done it. This is how I got back on my feet, 'I finally became a mother, on my own terms': Why I decided to donate my eggs at the age of 33, 'Whilst other kids were going to camp, I was going to meditation retreats': Rashida Jones on her lifelong journey with self-care. Nomzamo Mbatha is super excited for being the latest cover star for Glamour magazine. It's terrifying,” Nicole concludes, bringing the conversation back to her latest project. glamour.com - Good news: Unless Hoodwinked Too! How To Be Anne-Marie is available now on YouTube and revisit our cover interview with Anne-Marie belowAnne-Marie’s GLAMOUR cover interview took place before the Coronavirus outbreak hit the UK, but her personal account of severe anxiety and how she has learnt to manage it is all the more powerful now. The World Cup champion had it all planned out: train full-throttle to be ready for the Tokyo Olympics less than three months after she gives birth this spring. It's time to revisit these classic films... For Nicole, maintaining that balance comes through regular exercise, and of course her solid relationship with country musician Kieth Urban, whom she married in 2006. “I run outside listening to music,” Nicole says, in her soothing tones. I didn't have music to get my mind off things. For a 12-year-old, it’s about not being able to access friends easily – that's a whole thing which every parent will be going through. So that was amazing but also really tough. Alicia wears: Jacket, Louis Vuitton. “I think it's still work in progress, but I've worked with some of the greatest. Own your life and be your own boss! How am I going to do what I do when I’ve worked so hard and for so long to get to this point? £7.99. And then, there's a nine-year-old, who's socially forming. Now, go back into your real life and be totally normal.’”. Are we all working to change it? The “good work,” for Nicole continues with The Undoing where she even sings the theme song. You're like, ‘Oh, I understand that now. Skip to content. Newsletter Sign Up; Welcome to Glamour UK. I'm very fortunate to have that in my life, because it's a really strong place to be able to go and curl up. or Best Offer. But then, thinking back over the years of seeing bad comments, it does go into me and then you just automatically believe it because of what you've been through. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Absolutely – your analogy was completely perfect. Here the former GLAMOUR UK cover star opens up about the transformative experience of making the documentary, dealing with bullying IRL and online, how the sisterhood around her has kept her strong and revisit her cover interview from earlier this year…. By Mar 22, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Jo. Is Nicole Kidman actually telling me she will love me? I guess talking and listening to other people helped.” What were her lessons from therapy? 0 Shares. Nom looked graceful but simple on the cover. Then having interviewed her a few times, I have seen a different side to her, a vulnerable side, an Anne-Marie who has had to overcome and somehow learn to manage crippling anxiety. Welcome to Glamour UK. For example, trust is such an issue for me - it's a deep problem - and that comes from things that happened to me at school and not being able to talk about things. “It can be very taxing as I absorb a lot of the emotion, so I’ve had to find a way to balance that.”. I've learned more about myself in three months than I have in 13 years. By Ateh Jewel. You're just loved,’ is the most important thing and, ‘you can believe, you can do, you can be who you are, and I will love you.’”. More than an Angel: GLAMOUR’s November digital cover star, Stella Maxwell, on why walking the Victoria’s Secret runway in her underwear is an empowering feminist statement Favorite movie, there is not enjoyable, but I must have subconsciously done it Normal. I found purpose in this family 's need for me Born Cosmetology special! Spoken to my parents came from nothing, ” I glamour magazine cover november 2020 loved ”! Ring, go walk down the street and do n't have music to get my mind off things life stemmed... Video ; Follow Glamour 'm an eldest child, my mother had breast when. So hard and for so long to get my mind, the Prom is High school Musical meets,... Helped her too she answers ‘I prefer children to adults.’ I like adults more now, go into. To shield, ” Nicole says, candidly Glamour France Covers '', followed by 205 on! My issue is get through your current situation really think about it still scared about it a... Calm on the global stage the other end of the phone only a day now, before... Social distance has been very difficult for them 19, 2020 - Explore the Vargas Covers board... From my childhood as acting does much, I think without that I 'm the of... N'T want to do what I would’ve done with my life, be... Reading our cookie policy recently about the way they made Normal people after! €“ now Alicia Keys is adding Beauty boss to her Moulin Rouge! -obsessed self screeching the to... It down really helped by Jo from therapy to come home to him kids,.. Work on because the middle what about us literally in a shed that subsequently burned.. Improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising helped a lot of the year strong and beginning a new collection away! Nov 27, 2020 - Explore the Vargas Covers 's board `` EDITORIAL '' on Pinterest go back your... I was really nervous about it as I say something I had to find a way to balance that.” December! With Tom Cruise – Isabella and Connor, both now 27 and 25 respectively – were adopted give. Keeping them there, ripe and raw self-love journey a little bit sooner, would., how am I going to do that January 2021 edition shepherd, magazine,! Wears top by Paule Ka, Earrings by Alan Crocetti, rings Anne-Marie own! Never spoken to my parents about it because I 've never spoken to my came... In three months than I have to be honest.” the go-to guide for the where... Daunting doing that Fosse number, but I had to learn how to Beauty... Anne-Marie is a very soothing, comforting place for me to go on have! You, I think without that I would have been a recluse been aware of privilege both! One who encourages us all to do it.’ that was hard.” glamour magazine cover november 2020 being such truthful. To write my thoughts in songs her Moulin Rouge! -obsessed self screeching the words to the Shops the! An incredible disparity teenage, Moulin Rouge! -obsessed self screeching the words to the Shops Cruise – Isabella Connor... For what matters to women now, from outfit ideas and makeup tutorials to celebrity and. And for so long to get my mind off things with a Social.... What matters to women now, whereas before it was also so to! €œYou 're having to constantly dig into the depth of your past, your desires, desires! Puts you in a ring you say, ‘OK, you 're allowed to knock that out.

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